It’s Time to Sell Your Mercer Island Home! 5 Ways to Prepare

  • Kathryn Lister
  • 01/14/22

Every Mercer Island homeowner has the same goal when it comes time to sell their property: to solicit the best possible bid on their home. Even with rising inventory in the Seattle area, the market is still very much in favor of sellers, with high demand across a range of property types. 

Mercer Island continues to demand top-dollar from homebuyers—even without extensive updates or renovations. Currently, Mercer Island only has one available property to sell, so if you’re considering listing your home on the market — don’t wait! 

Here are some ideas that can help you maximize the value of your home when you’re ready to list. 

Decide your price

Price your property too high, and you risk turning off the market, but if you price it too low, you leave money on the table. The average Seattle-area buyer views 15-20 homes before making a decision, which gives them a wide basis of comparison for your price range. However, if a buyer wants to own in Mercer Island, and your home is one of the only ones available, you’ve set yourself up for success. 

When we work together, I will use a data-driven approach that closely considers homes recently sold on Mercer Island, but with little competition and high demand, we’ll strike the right balance for your home so that you can sell quickly and easily.

Declutter and deep clean 

The real magic happens when potential buyers can imagine themselves inside their dream home. Your Mercer Island property is a coveted asset — one that prospective buyers want to love! Decluttering and deep cleaning your Mercer Island home prior to listing will impact the final sale price more than you can imagine. 

An exquisitely clean setting elevates your home’s showing experience by allowing potential buyers to stay focused on what they love about your house. From playrooms drowning in a sea of toys, to couches with remnants of dog hair, the cluttered and unclean spaces of your Mercer Island home will send negative signals to potential buyers.

Applying a fresh coat of paint and illuminating your living space with bright lighting will go a long way toward neutralizing your home, and optimizing the showing experience for guests. Illuminate dark walk-through rooms to make your living spaces feel more inviting overall. Think of lighting as a simple, affordable, and impactful way to attract more buyers and earn more money from the sale of your home.

Skip major renovations

From an economical perspective, major home improvement projects make less sense than smaller upgrades like fresh paint, new floors, and lighting. The return on investment for small upgrades (like deep-cleaning, LED smart bulbs, a new garage door, or new carpets) is high, and they can be completed quickly during the process of listing and selling your Mercer Island home. 

Find the right buyer

Mercer Island real estate is hot on the market right now, but finding the right buyer is key to making the most of this situation. I will generate a bespoke marketing strategy that will target potential buyers every step of the way. 

From the way, you stage your living space to the keywords used to market your real estate listing online, focus on making emotional connections with your target audience. The house-hunting process is an emotional decision for buyers as well as sellers, and appealing to potential buyers’ vision for your home helps you earn more for the home.

Buyers make emotional impressions of every home, and they should be excited by the atmosphere of moving from one room to the next. In general, it’s only after the emotional experience of touring a home that will buyers ask about things like the age of the roof or the condition of the furnace. By then, you may already have them hooked.

Hire an experienced realtor

Not all real estate agents are equally prepared to sell luxury homes. Finding the one to earn you top-dollar for your Mercer Island property means working with someone who can provide you savvy market insights and a wide breadth of local knowledge. I will be able to help you launch a targeted, data-rich campaign for marketing your Mercer Island home—and then diligently follow up with qualified buyers. 

Looking to list your Mercer Island home for sale?

Trust me, now is the time to sell your Mercer Island real estate! I can provide you with staging recommendations, keen market analysis, and the best customer service Mercer Island’s luxury real estate market has to offer. Wherever you are in the process of selling your home, contact me today!


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