London's Farzi Café is Opening a New Location in Bellevue

London's Farzi Café is Opening a New Location in Bellevue

  • Kathryn Lister
  • 12/12/22

With its growing, disparate array of premier restaurants, Bellevue is increasingly attracting attention internationally as a city worth expanding into.

One restaurateur drawn to the Eastside town is Zorawar Kalra, whom many consider “The Prince of Indian Cuisine” of London’s bustling restaurant scene.

Already part of a well-regarded dynasty of restaurateurs — his mentor and father was Jiggs Kalra, among the UK’s pioneering tastemakers of Indian food — Zorawar is looking to bring the elevated dining experience of London’s Farzi Café to the PNW.

Styled as a modern Indian bistro, the restaurant will be located at The Bellevue Collection, with its opening date anticipated for this month or early January.


Meaning “unreal” in Hindi, Farzi combines ancient recipes with eclectic and stylish preparation techniques, blending the old with the new to present vibrant, gorgeously plated dishes. 

SOURCE: 425 Magazine

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